The Eastern Innovation Business Centre (EIBC) in Mulgrave is an innovative high-tech small business incubator collaborative ‘hub’ environment with light industrial tenancies of modular flexibility. MacKinnon Design was part of the success of the $4.75 million ‘RDAF’_Round 4 Federal Government grant monies being awarded to the City of Monash in April of 2013, for the $9.5 million ‘EIBC’ small business incubator project.

Ross MacKinnon prepared and project managed the successful ‘RDAF’_Round 4 grant application and included the coordination of human resources within information supply chains of the City of Monash. Consulting to the ‘Monash Enterprise Centre’ (MEC) Board, collaborating with lead scientist Ana Deletich of Monash ‘Water for Livability’ at Monash University, other consultants, industry, government organisations, and education institutions.


‘Ross is a skilled and innovative architect. His perspective on the environment combined with recognition of his clients requirements has resulted in remarkable designs. I am extremely pleased with his design of the Monash Business Incubator which has resulted in a vibrant and successful building’. - John Baker Chairman.

Ross developed the vision for the form and function of the new ‘EIBC’ small business incubator building and landscape surrounds and developed the key sustainability and innovative ‘IWCM’ technologies and business model objectives. He also introduced the concept of ‘bouldering’ on the building facade and collaborated with industry expertise to incorporate this into the project budget.  A ‘Feasibility Report’: Regional Development in Melbourne’s South East’. Feb. 2013 prepared by MacKinnon Design, investigated ‘MSE’ regional growth objectives and how it was relevant to the ‘EIBC’.

Documentation prepared by MacKinnon Design as part of the ‘RDAF’ grant application:

1. Business Case
2. Asset Management Plan
3. Project Management Plan
4. Quality Plan
5. Procurement Management Plan
6. Risk Management Plan
7. Regional Stakeholders + Community Support
8. Confirmation of Broader Benefits

Following the announcement of the successful Federal Government Grant application, Ross was engaged as a client representative of the ‘Monash Enterprise Centre’ (MEC) board of management to consult on the City of Monash ‘Project Steering Committee’ and contribute towards the project design brief.  Ross was responsible for engaging individuals, networks and associations within industry, business, government and education institutions, for the purposes of seeking regional partnership and collaborative opportunities and marketing the ‘EIBC’ project.

Ross also collaborated with award-winning water scientist Ana Deletic of ‘Monash Water for Livability’ located at Monash University and designed and prepared a Victorian State Government grant application for a further $235,000 contribution to the ‘EIBC’ project with IWCM (Integrated Water Cycle Management) technologies.

Integrated Water Cycle Management_IWCM @ EIBC

On behalf of the City of Monash and the Monash Enterprise Centre small business incubator, Ross MacKinnon researched grant funding and partnership opportunities to accompany the Eastern Innovation Business Centre_EIBC project.

A Victorian State Government funded program was identified and MKD was successful in supporting the City of Monash to secure $235,000 through collaboration with Ana Deletich of ‘Monash Water for Livability’.

With on-going data collection and monitoring lead by Ana Deletich at ‘Monash Water for Livability’, the ‘Integrated Water Cycle Management_IWCM’ system IWCM @ the EIBC will act as a ‘demonstration project’ within an urban light industrial context to benefit knowledge capital in ‘IWCM’.

This project will deliver an innovative, healthy and sustainable ‘IWCM’ system to a ‘high-tech’ building and indigenous landscape.

’IWCM’ creates the opportunity to have ‘immediate effect’ to mitigate, divert and treat high volume Storm Water Drains, reduce Storm Water Run-Off, harvest water, build ‘flexible’ storage capacity, re-use water for landscape irrigation, filter Storm Water contaminants, remove litter, monitor and improve the quality of the Waterways into the future.

Innovative ‘Vertical Bio Filter Garden System’ to treat, filter + purify ‘Grey Water’ + ‘Storm Water’ from the ‘EIBC’ building + surrounding landscape. This system will be integral in the building design as an indoor-outdoor ‘Green Living Wall’ located to the north side of the building.