+ Mulkirri

‘Mulkirri’ is a refurbishment and alterations of an existing small residence in regional north-east Victoria.

An inside-outside connection is facilitated with the inclusion of new north facing double glazed windows along the existing facade and new bi-fold doors to a refurbished East facing deck. The interior layout is adjusted to open and interconnect key living zones and utilise the views of the surrounding landscape with solar passive gain improving the energy efficiency of the interior.

‘Mulkirri’ is an Australian aboriginal word for ‘plenty’. 


“Ross Mackinnon combines empathy with experience, practical skill and a profound design aesthetic to bring life, joy, and logic to the complex project he worked on for me. The result is a space that concurs with my philosophy, and meets all my criteria. Importantly the project came in on time and on budget. Ross’ commitment to understand me and my life (style) was central to the result. That he uses traditional hand drawn techniques rather that CAD ensured the project was both unique and not formulaic.
I would 
recommend Ross without hesitation”. Jeremy Drew